Perspective: The Meaning Behind The Healthy Mindset Project

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit pessimistic when it comes to my life. I often tell people that I’m neither happy or unhappy, but simply content. Right down the middle. Life is alright.

I was having a family therapy session with a client of mine and her father, discussing the struggle of being mentally stuck in place. As I spoke to them, I realized my client was seeing life how I was seeing it: Not necessarily good or bad, but not exactly motivating and exciting either. I self-disclosed that I personally struggled with that same mentality and also explained that it’s difficult to change a mindset you’ve known for years. How do you even begin to change it?

Leaving that family session, I felt curious to find a way to change my mentality that life just…is. I wanted to not only help my client, but also myself. I read numerous articles online, watched countless “positive mindset” YouTube videos, and self-reflected on my whole reason for creating this blog: The Healthy Mindset Project. I wanted to give myself the creative outlet to be a work in progress, hence The Healthy Mindset Project.

Recently, I downloaded a free app called ‘Perspective.’ You essentially label each day as “good”, “OK”, or “bad”, and have the ability to type a journal entry for each day as well. I’ve been making sure to use this app every evening before bed and being mindful of how I choose to perceive my days. In the first couple days of using this app, I noticed that I wanted to label my days as just “OK”, but when I’d start typing my journal entry, I’d realize that I couldn’t actually justify labeling the day as just “OK.” This app helped me gain perspective (clever app name, by the way) into my days and see them as more than just OK days. I want a life that is more than just OK. Don’t we all?

If you relate to this mindset or simply want an easy way to track your days, I suggest downloading this free app. Surprisingly, it’s helping me give myself the mindset that I strive to give others in therapy. There will still be bad days or just OK days, but I’m allowing myself to fully soak up the good days too. ✨

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