How To Find A Therapist In Your Area

I’ve realized that searching for a therapist can seem like an overwhelming task, so I wanted to make a quick post about ways to find therapists near you. 🙂

The best way (in my opinion) is by searching for therapists on Psychology Today is a website that most mental health professionals have accounts for, which makes it super easy for potential clients to find them! Psychology Today has an option in the top right corner to select your country you reside in, so I’ve found this website to be the easiest way for those in various countries to utilize.

Step 1: Go to (This will take you to the US page since that’s where I live, but you can change this if you live elsewhere!)

Step 2: Select your country in the top right corner if not residing in the United States.

Step 3: Enter your city, zip code, etc, to search for providers near you.

Step 4: Click “Refine” in top right corner to filter your options. You can filter providers based on your health insurance, type of treatment, therapy experience, gender of provider, etc.

Step 5: After refining your search, you’ll be shown providers that meet your criteria. Most profiles have pictures of the provider, which I personally like, because it gives you a real look at somebody rather than just reading a short paragraph of their experience. Others will also have photos of their therapy rooms to give you an idea of the feel/vibe of the place.

Step 6: Once you find a good fit, you can reach out to the provider directly. Most providers offer an email address to contact, which is a good option for those with social anxiety. Providers will typically have a phone number to contact as well.

I just wanted to share this because before I even made my own Psychology Today profile for the private practice I work at, I didn’t even know Psychology Today existed! Hope this helps someone. ✨

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